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MP calls for earlier careers advice in schools

May 24, 2011 6:54 PM
By Campaign

Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle today called for earlier careers advice in schools. He suggested to John Hayes the Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning championing that school children should have access to dedicated career advice as soon as they are receiving a secondary education.

Mr Birtwistle was keen to offer his support to the initiative:

"Children should be made aware of all of the options available to them as they grow-up and begin to explore potential careers. By introducing advisors into year seven classrooms we hope to see the ambitions of young people realised. Sometimes information and support is all that is required to inspire an individual to venture down a certain path that they previously had little or no experience of. We have an obligation to future generations to provide the means for a well-rounded society that contains professionals such as doctors, teachers and practically skilled workers."

With 40% of young people currently progressing on to higher education, it is the opinion of this government that it is imperative that the quality of career guidance be improved and altered to suit those of all ages and abilities. Mr Hayes has praised the role that the service has the potential to play in the government's social mobility agenda and both he and Mr Birtwistle are confident that the core principles of independence and professionalism providing impartial advice are underpinned by objective and realistic information about careers, skills and the labour market. The Burnley MP hopes to meet with Mr Hayes at some point in the near future to discuss the finer aspects of the proposal.

The Liberal Democrat MP who has represented Burnley in parliament since the last general election is keen to see these proposals implemented into UK schools adding that "educating the UKs youth is the best way to ensuring a better future for the country. It is also essential in ensuring that those young people with skills to move into engineering or high tech manufacturing are given the guidance they need to progress in these areas and find apprenticeships.